By Melissa Glossup

WEBChevy1Old flame lost her spark? Icon Image transforms this 1950s Chevrolet Business Coupe from ‘9 to 5’ to dinner and drinks by restoring this hot rod in Avery’s cherry red, chrome, and matte white film. Through ‘Vinyl Restoration’, classic cars become ageless for half the cost of traditional methods.

Always seeking new markets for expansion, the focus of Icon Image owners turned to the vintage car market. The after sale market for the automobile industry when focused toward classic car body restoration can be tricky. Most owners of vintage vehicles are highly concerned with the authenticity and integrity of the restoration process. However, this process can be costly and could potentially cause harm to the original body work of the car… until now.

Icon Image has coined the phrase ‘vinyl restoration’ to describe the process of wrapping their vintage market. There are many benefits to this process which leaves an antique looking more brilliant than its original debut on the showroom floor.  First of all, traditional paint jobs can range between $1,000 to $10,000 based on the quality of paint and color(s) chosen. Vehicle wraps cost significantly less and can last years longer than a custom paint job. Better yet, the wrap does not harm the paint or body of the vehicle and can be removed at anytime revealing the car in its original condition. This feature is quite attractive to an owner trying to preserve the integrity of the classic car; this is especially important when resale value is considered. WEBChevy3

Professional installation of the wrap takes between 2 to 4 days. A custom paint job, depending on complexity, could take a week or two. Vehicle paint maintenance can also be costly with constant waxing and detailing. The vehicle wraps stays shiny and new with occasional soap and water.

Icon Image specifically wrapped their client’s vehicle for an entry into Avery’s Wrap Like A King contest (placing fourth out of 158 car wrap submissions) to promote the ‘vinyl restoration’ concept. Tour, owner and senior graphic installer at the company, indicated that, “originally the owner planned to have the wrap removed after six months.”  After their client saw the finished product, he had a “change of heart and plans to leave the vehicle wrapped for a much longer period.”  Now, the car is the envy of the entire neighborhood.   Yours could be, too!